Sunday, April 29, 2012

Projects You May Have Missed

April has been a wonderful month for a little something in the meantime . . .

Many of my projects were featured at the awesome link parties that I join and my followers grew steadily. I never thought that my little blog would be approaching 100 followers. 

I am so appreciative of every visit and comment that you have made. You all motivate me to cross things off my to do list!

If you’re new here, you may have missed some of the projects that I shared when I first started blogging.  I have linked up some of my favourites!

Please, make yourself at home and take a look around!

Paint Chip Projects

Paint Chip Balls Project Gallery
All Occasion Paint Chip Banner Project Gallery
Paint Chip Rainbow Project Gallery
Paint Chip Eggs Project Gallery
Ombre Clock Banner

Organizing & D.I.Y. Projects

Dishwasher Tab Storage Project Gallery
Organize With Photo Storage Cases Project Gallery
My Craft Closet Project Gallery
Magnetic Message Board Project Gallery

Thanks for joining me on a walk down memory lane!

Happy Weekend!

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P.S. This was also a great excuse for me to go back and properly watermark some of my earlier projects – do you watermark your photos?


  1. Thanks for sharing these with you "newer" blog followers. I really like the paint chip banner and your pretty dishwasher tab container. I love it when everyday items can be made prettier so that every activities don't seem as boring or mundane!

  2. I love all your projects! I had missed a few so Im glad you shared them! :)


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