Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kitchen Shelving Transformation – The Magnetic Message Board

Time for the next kitchen shelving transformation project! This was one of my favourite blog projects so far and I will definitely make another one in the future.

Metal Tray Project 3 Banner

Long story short, I rescued this tray from a ‘toss or donate’ pile a few weeks ago.

Tray before1

The first thing I saw was the olive green, the second thing I saw was potential.

I was determined to incorporate the tray into my kitchen decor but the floral design just didn’t match the look I wanted.

Right around the same time, I happened to see this post on the blog Better After featuring a metal tray upcycle from The Home Project.

Pinned Image

When I commented on Linn’s post that I was trying to decide what to do with a similar tray, she suggested that I “go for paper, or stencils and spray paint. Or why not find/make fun magnets, paint the tray in a clean color and add the magnets.”

Hmm . . .

I love paper.

I love spray paint.

I love stationery and office supplies.

Why not combine all these great things?

So . . . (you know where this is going) I spray painted it with my new favourite colour – Krylon’s Catalina Mist.


Apparently this colour is pretty elusive. If you are in Canada, have a peek in the paint section at Michael’s.  Bonus – after using a 40% off coupon it is about the same price as the “regular” colours that are widely available.

I knew that it would take many coats to cover the pattern and I wanted to make sure the paint adhered well so I sprayed it with a metal primer first.

After at least 5 coats of Catalina Mist, the pattern was still showing through. I needed the paint for another project so I decided to stop here and use another one of my decorating favourites, scrapbook paper, to cover the pattern.

Spray painted tray

I found a coordinating paper in one of my Christmas collections. I chose it because it had the number detail along the top of the paper to give it a little something extra. Next, I measured the center of the tray and cut out the corresponding circle with my Silhouette.

Cut your paper

Then I used my spray adhesive (I love spray adhesive!) to attach the paper to the tray.

Paper on tray

The perfect finishing touch was the cute bird magnets that I bought for less than $2.00 at HomeSense during their winter clearance.  I grabbed a bunch of different magnet and paper clip sets thinking they would make a fun gift.

Tray with Magnets

(This is the most accurate representation of the tray and paper colour)

For under $10 this tray went from drab to fab and is ready to hold notes, receipts etc.

Tray Before and After Final

Another easy D.I.Y. project that is also a sweet reminder for me of its original owner.

We are halfway there with the kitchen shelving transformation project details (don’t forget about the mystery project!)

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I love this project Claire! Don't you love it when you re-purpose something that you were going to get rid of and it turns out so great?! Angie xo

  2. You new magnetic tray is BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. How cuttttte! I love the finished product! The colors are great. Your going to have to teach me how to use the Silhouette.. Im so lost!

    Ps.. make sure you share this at my link party!

  4. Very creative project. Love the magnetic tray and how you made it happen. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  5. This came out great! I love how versatile this is, how you created a pretty "clean" base and then you can always change the magnets around if you want to. It's just lovely. I have definitely gotten the "transform metal trays" bug, I'm now working on my third. These projects are just so much fun!

  6. Claire - thanks for linking up last week! Im sharing this on my facebook and twitter.. so make sure you grab a featured button! Cant wait to see what you link up tomorrow :)

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