Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stone Effect Textured Easter Eggs

Yesterday I was inspired by the amazing “Easter Egg Hunt” series on the blog It’s Overflowing to put my own twist on painting eggs.

Stone Effect Textured Eggs Banner

Time for another secret: I have a larger-than-I-would-like-to-admit spray paint collection in our workshop which includes several cans that were purchased (with good crafting intentions) but never used.

Here is one of those cans.

Stone Effects Spray Paint

Long before the days of Pinterest, I came across a blog post that described how to age a terra cotta pot using stone effect spray paint. Great idea, it just never happened. But, that’s okay because this spray paint was destined for greater things!

Egg zoom

To make your own “stone effect” eggs you will need:

  • Eggs (I used Styrofoam eggs from Dollarama)
  • Stone Effect spray paint (this was from Michael’s but I have seen it at all major home reno stores, too)

That’s it!

Spray paint styrofoam eggs

Spray your eggs with the stone effect paint. Start far away and move closer once you establish how much comes out when it is sprayed.

It helps if they are in or on something that can hold them in place because the force of the spray (and spray-back when it ricochets off the eggs – watch out!) moves the eggs around.

Leave them to dry for the recommended time. You will be tempted to try to speed up the process. Don’t. Your fingers will look like they’re covered in popcorn and you will remove the texture from those spots.

Turn them over and spray any areas that were missed.

Repeat until you are satisfied with the overall appearance.

Spray painted egg zoom

Then, take your eggs around the yard and photograph them in places where eggs do not belong!

Three eggs in daffodils

You could stop there, or, if you want to add more colour and dimension to your eggs, add some speckles!

Speckled Eggs

Using watered-down tan acrylic paint and a small spray bottle, I misted the eggs from a distance to add speckles. So easy!

Painted Speckled Eggs

I would have liked my eggs to look like robin’s eggs, but this is what happened when I went a little overboard with blue spray paint.

Don't do this at home, kids

The paint bubbled and then ate away at the bottom of the egg! Oops! That’s why I only have 7 eggs,

Three eggs zoom

Who knew that stone effect spray paint would make Styrofoam eggs look so authentic?

Stone Effect Textured Eggs Banner

Thanks for visiting! I hope I have inspired you to put your own spin on decorating eggs this year!

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  1. Your eggs turned out amazing. I kind of wish you were my neighbor, I would have to come over and check out your spray paint collection :).

    amy @

  2. These are great! I was just talking to my mom about redoing some plastic eggs so they don't look so "boring". What a brilliant idea you had here. I hope you will link up at my Hippity Hop Easter Project Hop!

  3. These are great! I think I even have a can of that stuff somewhere in the garage. Hmmm.

    I would love it if you would join my Easter Inspiration party!


  4. ohhh.. I love these! and I bet they would look great on a mantel :)

  5. Wow!!! These are FABULOUS!! XO, Aimee

  6. These look great!! I can think of about a bajillion places to decorate with those. Great job and thanks for sharing!

  7. Very neat!

  8. Brilliant! I never thought of using the textured spray! Awesome idea! Angie xo

  9. Very clever - they do look authentic!!

    Thanks for sharing at Simply Klassic!

  10. Hi! I love the texture of this paint! It looks great on the eggs! I used a similar textured paint to take a couple of unloved non-matching but still working Goodwill lamps from hiney-end ugly to fab-u-lossa! The lamps were the same height & were similar in shape but the addition of the textured paint and some great black shades made them perfect pair for my son's first "real" apartment living room. They turned out so great that I am going to do another lamp to keep for myself!


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