Monday, April 2, 2012

The Many Lives of a 30 Cent Sign

On Sunday, I decided to make over a clearance sign that I bought at HomeSense last year.

Bloom Sign Zoom WM

The end result is exactly what I wanted, but it took me two attempts to get there.

Sign Price Tag

Like the title implies, I bought the sign for 30 cents (I actually bought 3 because I knew I couldn’t cut my own for that price).

The original price on the sign was $3.99, so I think I got a pretty good deal. 

What I don’t understand is who they thought would buy this sign.

You Rang


Anyway, last year at Winners I bought a wooden planter box with picket fence slats on it.

The colours used to weather the slats are so me.

Weathered Planter

This planter box will be the focal point of my mantel . . .  when I finally finish it, so I wanted to add a little sign to the front of it that incorporated a spring or garden-related word.

I bought two different shape downloads for my Silhouette and also played around with my fonts using the words Grow and Bloom.

I cut stencils from contact paper and got ready to paint (I sanded the design off it earlier in the week).

I painted on a layer of black paint, let it dry and then painted over the word GROW with the same green that I used for my Grocery sign. After peeling off the lettering, I was left with this (sorry for the glare):

Grow Sign WM

I hated it.

I thought I might be able to salvage it by painting over everything with white paint and then distressing it until the black letters showed through.

Grow Sign White Paint


The tip of the g sanded right off.

It looked like it said crow instead of grow.

So, I sanded as much off as I could and started all over again with a completely different approach and word.

Before I had a blog to call my own, I sent a photo to the bloggers at aka Design to thank them for the tutorial that I used to create Christmas presents for my family. Shannon ended up sharing my sign in a reader feature.

Personalized Family Sign

I used the same technique for my second attempt.

For all the details, check our their step-by-step.

Basically, the order was black paint, antique white paint, crackle medium, stencil the word “bloom” in black then sand to distress it.

I was impatient and used a heat gun after each step to speed up the process. Next time, I would wait longer for the crackle medium to dry because the heat gun made it bubble.

Bloom Angled WM




Bloom Sign Before and After

To give it an even more aged look, I added black paint to the edges and then wiped and/or sanded most of it off.

Bloom Zoom 2 WM

Now, the 30 cent sign matches the age and character of the weathered wood on my planter box.

Bloom Sign on Mantel WM

If only I could finish decorating my mantel . . .

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  1. I love this sign! But more importantly, what font did you use for bloom?

  2. I love what you did with this sign - such a pretty color - its perfect now!! 30 cents???? - wow I would have bought a few too!! Have a great week! Heather :)

  3. Oh.. how pretty! Its goes perfect with the planter! And cant beat the price :)

  4. scored a bargin! I love how it turned out...great job.

  5. you ended up with a great deal!!!


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