Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Mantel . . . Part Two

Last week I said that I would probably tweak my mantel after sharing it and tweak, I did!

Here’s how it looked when I posted last week.

Spring Mantel Full View

I thought the daffodils were a bit tall in relation to the sheet moss banner, but I certainly didn’t anticipate this daffodil problem.

Daffodil Fail

They were just following my instructions, though!

Bloom Sign on Mantel WM

Oh well. My daffodil mishap turned out to be a great thing.

It led to a new project and made space for two adorable pots of mini daffodils housed in a pair of $1.99 buckets from HomeSense. As an added bonus, my planter box can sit on the fireplace hearth.

Here is Spring Mantel Version 2.0

Spring Mantel Take 2

My painted bottles and plant did a flip-flop.

Spring Mantel Take Two Left

Spring Mantel Take 2 Front

Spring Mantel 2 Left 2

Spring Mantel Two Right Side

Did you figure out what my sneak preview was?

Sign Sneak Preview

Smartie Pants!

Glenrose Seed Co Sign

A tutorial for my newest sign will be posted later this week. I used a totally new (to me) technique and it was super easy.

Even though they’re not from my mantel, check out these three beauties. I am loving my garden (and bottles as vases) this year!

Tulip in Pop Shoppe Bottle

Daffodil in Vintage Look Bottle

Tulip in Crown Jar

The blush-coloured tulip was the centrepiece for our Easter meal. It found a new home in my Crown jar after a squirrel ripped it out of my porch planter last week. Another happy accident.

One more thing before I go – our delicious Easter dessert, courtesy of Pinterest.

Bird's Nest Dessert

Chocolate chips, peanut butter, butterscotch chips, chow mein noodles and Cadbury mini eggs.

So good.

You will not regret it.

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  1. Claire,

    I saw those nests over at Debbie's and I wanted to make them too! I love your new sign :)


  2. Awwww.. I love it! The sign is great and the mini buckets are so so cute! Cant wait to see the tutorial!

  3. Love the mantel! I can't wait for the sign tutorial!

    I had never eaten chow mein noodle cookies until this week-end. Less weird than I thought. The ones I ate didn't have cute eggs on them. Game changer.


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