Sunday, May 20, 2012

That Kind of Weekend

This weekend is/was a long weekend for Canadians.

There were a lot of things that we would have liked to accomplish, especially in the yard, but, for the first time in years it was ridiculously hot (it usually pours on all the people who go camping).

Many people would be thrilled about this. Fair-skinned, sunburn-in-15-minutes me would prefer a more gradual introduction to summer weather.

Our cat, Pumpkin, will now demonstrate what our time outside this weekend looked like instead.

Pumpkin Patio 2

Pumpkin Patio 3

Pumpkin Patio 1

Pumpkin Patio 4

Pumpkin Patio 5

Pumpkin Patio 6

Yes, she is lying on the patio completely surrounded by ant hills, without a care in the world! 


I’m hoping to finish off a Pinterest-inspired project tomorrow . . . but I won’t complain if it rains and I can’t spray paint!

Have a great week!

P.S. Pinterest is being very uncooperative and currently displays an error message that my site links to spam or inappropriate content. This seems to be a problem and I hope it is resolved soon!
P.P.S. Pumpkin is doing much better since I first shared about her ACL injury here.


  1. I am visiting from Thee Blog Hop and I am a new follower! I hope you will drop by and do the same.


  2. It sure was a gorgeous day.

    I am having the same issues with Pinterest; some people have been able to pin from my blog, while others get the error.

  3. I did get a lot done this weekend, but I did have to pace myself - a lot! I also have several layers of "color" that will most likely result in peeling skin during teh week!

    I think I would have preferred to mimic Pumpkin, but my Mom is coming in a month - which only leaves me so many weekends and much more to do than I'd like.

    Hopefully, we'll get some rain on Tuesday! :) Liz

  4. Looks like Pinterest is fixed!:) I was also having the problem but it is working today. I agree that summer came too quick and sudden to Ontario. We are working inside because it is too hot outside. Are we ever happy with our weather?

  5. Oh, I love your kitty. I miss mine still.

  6. Love how your cat celebrates the long May 2-4 weekend!! Oh I miss those! We are celebrating the Memorial Day weekend here soon! Hope you get to finish your pinterest project! Heather :)

  7. what a nice, lazy weekend! found you via the bloghop xo

  8. Hey Claire!! I just awarded you the LIEBSTER AWARD for new-ish bloggers. Check out my blog and please accept!!

  9. What a super cute kitty cat! Looks mighty comfy there :)

    And I cant imagine Canada being hot! How warm was it?


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