Sunday, May 6, 2012

I’ve Been Spray Painting: A Feathery Makeover

Feathery Makeover Banner WM

I hit my first Garage Sale of the season on Saturday. It’s very hard to resist a Garage Sale when it’s in walking distance from your house!

$2.00 later, I walked home with a box lid full of some great finds and 9 free mason jars. Yippee!

This little owl was priced at 75 cents and I knew it had potential.

Owl Before Zoom WM

I grew up with an owl lover so I have a soft spot for owls. My Mom actually has a cookie jar that could be this owl’s enormous cousin!

The eyes were a bit creepy, but it turns out they were just attached with hot glue.

I removed the eyes, primed the owl and they sprayed it with multiple coats of Heirloom White. 

Have you met Heirloom White? She’s a lovely colour!

Owl Primer WM

(Shhh . . . Don’t tell Laura that her parents sold the owl she gave them 24 years ago!)

Owl 1st Coat WM

At one point I had to hang the owl’s head on a dowel to get paint in all the feather crevices. Good thing I had already explained what I was doing to my curious neighbour!

Owl Head Square WM

After the owl was dry(ish), I used scrapbooking brads from my stash for the eyes. I will glue them in properly once the paint has fully cured.

Owl After WM

Once again, Heirloom White transformed something from drab to fab!

Owl Collage B & A WM

Feathery Makeover Banner WM

Do they call them Garage Sales where you live or is that another Canadian thing?

Have a great week!

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  1. Love it! I need to buy that spray paint.. you do some great things with it! We call them garage sales down here.. but my cousin in Connecticut calls them 'tag sales'. Go figure :)

  2. He turned out really well! Imagine you neighbour seeing you with a head on stick - like some old Mayan ritual! Too funny!

    I love Heirloom White too. And that company also makes a great glossy black. I've been using toe spray picture frames.

  3. What a great find - way way way cuter with a little paint!

  4. Spray paint fixes everything! Love it. I would love for you to link it up at our party.


  5. I love this transformation! I, too, have a soft spot for owls.. what a cutie! I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find you!! Now following!

  6. He is so cute now. Those eyes.. likes! And I love the fact he is a cookie jar you need to decapitate to use! So funny!

    1. That was supposed to be "Yikes!" not likes! oops!

  7. I can't believe how cute that is all in white ... it's amazing what spray paint can do!

  8. We call them Garage Sales here in the states too! LOVE this owl transformation!

    Stopping by to give you an award!

    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  9. We call them garage sells here in WA! An owl for 75 cents is a fantastic find. I love him in the heirloom white!

    Even though I live in a smaller town, with a lot of older people, somehow they know owls are cool right now...they always want like $5 for their old owls at yard sales! Maybe I'll have better luck this summer. lol

  10. Super cute. I did the same thing with an ugly ceramic elephant I found at a thrift store. Nothing like white spray paint to make something old new again!

  11. It looks 392398 x's better - it's amazing what a little spray paint can do. great job!

  12. this is way better than the creepy eyed before! gotta love an easy fix like this.

  13. Love the new color! Much less creepy!

  14. I LOVE your owl! It is so cute! I have a secret little obsession with them as well. Now if I could only find them at a garage sale for 75 cents!

  15. Yard sale season, wa hoo!! Your scored an awesome find and it turned out so cute!! Tanya :)


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