Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Bit of Pinspiration: Mason Jar Planter Box

My next few projects will be those that have been inspired by something that I have pinned.

I have a board on Pinterest titled “Inspiration For Future Blog Posts” and it is full of awesome projects shared by amazing bloggers.

Check out my first bit of “pinspiration”

Pinspiration Banner Mason Jar WM

It started with a blog post about this lovely from the brilliant ladies of Shanty 2 Chic.

Pinned Image

Source: Shanty 2 Chic via Claire on Pinterest

I’m sure you’ve seen it because it was pinned like CRAZY!

I followed the tutorial, but discovered that once you get a mechanic who is also a perfectionist (would you want any other kind of mechanic working on your car?) involved, it is not nearly as quick a project as they make it sound!

What kind of things did I learn while building my own Mason Jar Planter?

Well . . .

I learned how to properly measure and mark my cuts using the right tools.

I further honed my mitre saw skills (one of the few power tools I was already familiar with from my previous sign-making endeavours).

I learned about drilling pilot holes before gluing AND nailing my furring strips together (for better structural integrity!).

I learned that it doesn’t matter how many types of drawer pulls and knobs you buy because it is a door handle that you need (so that you can screw the hardware on from the outside of the box).

Mason Jar Planter Square WM

I learned that vinyl really, really frustrates me because it does not stick well to wood when you want to use it as a stencil.

I learned that adhesive cardstock makes an awesome stencil (saving the day and preventing me from throwing my box at a wall out of complete and total frustration).

Adhesive Cardstock WM

I learned that a bar of soap does a great job of distressing spray paint when you can’t find your Vaseline (which you were going to try as a distressing technique for the first time).

{FYI: That’s Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint in Green Olive with Heirloom White on top}

Mason Jar Planter Distressed WM


Mason Jar Planter Box Plain WM

I learned that less is more when distressing (I had to do my stencilling twice as the result of a mishap).

I learned that 220 grit sandpaper can make something brand new look aged and vintage.

I learned the importance of drilling pilot holes for screws and how to choose the right bit.

And finally, I learned that Mr. Mechanic is a great teacher, even though he could never, ever be a teacher!

Mason Jar Planter Stencilled WM


Mason Jar Planter Box Left WM


Mason Jar Planter End WM

(Did you spy those Crown mason jars? Love them!)

In a perfect world, I would have had some fresh cut flowers to fill my mason jars like I did here for my Mom. Since I don’t, I will wait patiently for my irises to bloom!

Mason Jar Box Square Crop WM

Thanks, Shanty 2 Chic for continually sharing your amazing ideas and tutorials!

Have I “pinspired” you at all? I’d love to hear if you have created something using one of my tutorials!

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Pinspiration Banner Mason Jar WM


  1. This turned out very, very well, Claire! I have never heard of adhesive cardstock. I guess I have to get some of that!! Are you jars clear or do they have a blue tinge to them? Love'em!

  2. Claire you did a great job. I admire your ambition.

  3. Stopping by after seeing your link at 36th Ave., and pinning your cute flower box.


  4. Those turned out beautifully! Love pinterest!

  5. that looks so cute!! great idea..i'll have to check out the original tutorial!

  6. I love how your box came out, very nice. I have to tackle my growing list of diy to do pins myself. Hey is pumpkin a korat? She has the same face as one of my kitties who passed a few months ago.

  7. Such a great project! Love the rustic quality. We're having an Outdoor Extravaganza right now and I'd love for you to share this!

  8. I love this Claire! Great job and I'm so glad you stuck with it and didn't throw it against the wall! Do you use your Silhouette for all your stencils? Glad to see you featured on {aka} design!

  9. Claire, this is beautiful. And yes, I just Pinned your Pin-inspired project. I love the color, and distressing! Tanya :)

  10. I love this, and thanks for sharing all you learned!:)

  11. Lovet this planter and all your tips. Thanks for sharing.

  12. How cute! I love this =)

    Visiting from The 36th Avenue

  13. I have also looked at this project deciding if I wanted to tackle it. I am so glad you listed all the wrong things that happened. We always learn from our failures! It turned out beautiful! Came over from Overflowing.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  14. This mason jar planter box is so cute! What a fun idea. We appreciate you linking up with us!! It's so fun to see all of the great ideas and recipes! We hope to see you back again soon! -The Sisters

  15. This is so cute!! Hope you can link it up at my brand new Trendy Tuesday party!!

  16. I've been wanting the same thing...LOVE it! Featuring you tomorrow!

    XO, Aimee

  17. This is freakin great and I am featuring it at my link party tonight!

  18. Hey there, Claire! my pallet planter box took a turn. And then I read this post by you and was TOTALLY inspired to start over with it. Thank you for sharing this! I hope you don't mind, but I linked back to you in my new post:

    Have a great weekend!

  19. This looks so cute! Im pinning it. :)

  20. Wowzas Claire!! I've been drooling over your inspiration myself, but I REALLY love yours!! Thanks so much for browsing through my blog and leaving comments, it was fun visiting you back... and you are Canadian! So am I! Where abouts are you??

    xo, Leanne


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