Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Etched Glass Pet Bowl

This is Pumpkin . . .


This is why her name is Pumpkin . . .

2009 470

Well, not really, but she certainly grew into her name. 

Pumpkin is currently recovering from an injury to the feline equivalent of your A.C.L. It breaks our hearts to watch her limp around the house. Fortunately, she has not lost her appetite or her stubbornness.

Today I thought I would share the water bowl that I made for Pumpkin a few weeks ago when I first tried etching cream. 

Don’t be scared of glass etching because it really is as easy as it sounds. The hardest part was getting a decent photo!

Etched Water Bowl How To

Materials Needed:

  • Glass etching cream (I used etchAll)
  • Something to etch (I used a square, glass bowl from Walmart – chosen because it had an unmarked bottom, no brand name etc.)
  • Stencil of your design (I used my Silhouette Cameo and Contact paper)
  • Brush for applying cream
  • Gloves


Etched Water Bowl Studio Screenshot Steps

* Tip Alert * Surround the image to be cut with another shape (like my square above). This will allow you to remove the Contact paper, vinyl etc. from its backing while keeping the negative of your image intact. Size your shape to be approximately the same size as the area you are etching. This will also protect the glass that you are not etching.

4. Adhere your stencil to the surface to be etched. Burnish the edges so that the cream can’t seep under the stencil. If you are etching something that will hold food, remember to only stencil the outside of the container.

5. While wearing gloves, generously apply etching cream to the entire area being etched. Immediately wipe off any cream that is outside your stencil.

6. Wait at least 15 minutes. It it hard to see that something is happening, but it is.  I left the cream on for over 20 minutes, just in case.

7. Return as much product to the bottle as possible. Rinse off any remaining residue.

That’s it!

Etched Water Bowl Detail Shot

Now, Pumpkin has a special water bowl parked right beside her favourite container.  Soon that will have a pretty label, too.

Etched Water Bowl Action Shot edit

* To create Pumpkin’s personalized bowl I used the font Smiley Monster and, for Silhouette users, the shape bubbles_h2o_phrase_C01268_17986.

I hope my tutorial encourages someone to try glass etching for the first time!

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  1. Oh, Pumpkin. How cute! I hope her pretty new bowl helps her mend quickly!!

  2. Very cute dishes! I had a cat named "Kitty" that looked just like your Pumpkin. Shelter rescue, I know... "kitty". How unique. lol

    1. Thank you! Pumpkin is also a rescue cat and actually started out with the name Peppy when she was adopted. We considered Gracie, but she's definitely a Pumpkin!

  3. I LOVE this! This makes me feel shameful of the little bowls that Max and Bella have that I labeled with vinyl... I mean, I love them and they make me happy, but they're not nearly as cute (though they're made with Smiley Monster too, haha)! You've got to tell me all your fave fonts, btw! This totally makes me want to do fancy glass bowls for Max and Bella... : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

    1. Thanks, Mel! I had to tweak Smiley Monster because Pumpkin needed to start with a capital but it is such a cute font for labels. You'll probably have a much easier time finding glass bowls for dogs. I had to make sure the dish wasn't enormous for my not-so-dainty Pumpkin! All the Libbey glassware at Walmart is very simple and seems pretty sturdy for etching projects.

  4. I have 5 cats and I want to provide a plate which made from etched glass so they could eat well.


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