Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend “Crafternoon”

One of my favourite ways to pass the time on the weekend is to have an afternoon of crafting, aka a “crafternoon.” This usually entails surrounding myself with craft supplies until you can barely see the floor of my office/craft room. Today was no different!

My goal for the afternoon was to get the ballpoint pen holder of my Silhouette Cameo working properly with a black pen so that I can use it to add sentiments to cards. I originally bought two packages of Silhouette Sketch Pens but find that they take a really long time to sketch and the colours are very muted on my favourite card background – kraft paper cardstock. I managed to find a package of black ballpoint pens at the grocery store (for 44 cents!) with a top that unscrews so that the ink cartridge fits into the narrow base of the pen holder while still being held inside the barrel. It took a week of searching for pens, some help from Pinterest and a lot of trial & error but I finally have success!

Here is what I used to create today’s card:
pennant card supplies

And here is what I made:
You could use a stamp for the sentiment or, if you have a Silhouette, let a pen do the work for you.

Weekend Crafternoon = Success!

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