Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to Reality

I’m back after a very busy week!

It was crazy hot working away without air conditioning (during a heat wave) but the cottage looks completely different from when we arrived last Friday.

The water is not yet drinkable and the plumbing needed to be off for most of the week so we were very fortunate to be able to stay at the home of a family friend during our time up North. At one point there were 9 of us staying there!

Since there were at least 6 people vying for shower time each day, I always opted for a morning shower (one of the drawbacks of short hair – bedhead!). As a result, there were several mornings where I walked over to the cottage on my own after everyone had left (usually to make a Home Depot run).

The cottage is located on a long, winding road lined with pine trees.

Cottage Road June 2012

Mr. Mechanic’s Grandfather planted these beautiful trees and this was once all his property.

Pinegrove 2012

Through the trees you can see a sliver of the bog or pond that sits at the edge of the cottage lot.

Bog View From Road

This is what is looks like when you stand on the beach of the cottage.

Pond 2011

The cottage overlooks a small lake that is already really warm. No swimming for me this time, but definitely next time.

Lake 2011

Turn around, and this is what you see.

View From Lake

I was in charge of mowing the lawn with the riding mower. I did pretty well aside from the time that I drove over a tree stump! Oops . . .

Even the weeds were pretty!

Cottage Daisies

There was no shortage of nature while we were there.

Over the weekend we were greeted by this little dog – Maggie – jumping up at the screen door wanting to visit with my 18-month old niece, Arabella. She (Maggie)adored her! One day she even followed Mr. Mechanic’s Dad all the way into town when he went for a walk with Arabella in her stroller! 

Since it’s a small community someone recognized her and drove her back home.

Maggie the Dog 2

Maggie was my Pumpkin substitute while we were away.

On our second to last day there I almost drove over a turtle that was searching for a place to lay its eggs.

It started out on the road but eventually made its way down the long driveway (much faster than I would expect a turtle to travel!) to a sandy spot by the front door of the cottage.

Painted Turtle Laying Eggs

From the window we could see it rocking back and forth, digging a hole. It laid its eggs and then filled the hole again. If we hadn’t seen the hole you would never even know it was there.

Turtle 2

Then, she (I’m assuming!) got the heck out of there! I could hear this rustling in the woods and discovered that it was the turtle off-roading to get back to the pond!

In 2 to 3 months there should be some baby turtles hatching provided the other wildlife up there doesn’t get to them first.

Just around the corner from where the turtle laid its eggs, there is a large patch of milkweed. On almost every plant you would find at least one caterpillar munching away. If I had a better camera I could have had some great shots!

Caterpillar on Milkweed

I don’t have any photos of the inside of the cottage because when we left the painter’s tape was still up in all of the rooms.

Once Mr. Mechanic’s Dad forwards me his pictures I’ll be able to show you some great before and afters (for which I can take very little credit – Mr. Mechanic’s sisters and parents were painting machines!)

Since returning home, I have been busy putting together a Canada Day mantel featuring some free printables that I made with the My Memories Suite software that I will be giving away to one lucky reader soon. I hope you’ll come back to check it out!

One more day of supply teaching and then I have a feeling that will be it for this school year.

Happy Monday!

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P.S. Check out my first free printable here.


  1. Good morning Claire! I'm glad you're back! I've been missing our chats! Looks like a beautiful location for a cabin and I'm sure even though you were all busy it was still relaxing just being away from home. How cool that Mr Mechanic's family planted the trees and once owned all the property. It's amazing to see what type of a legacy one can leave. Looking forward to seeing pics of the interior of the cabin.
    Also, looking forward to seeing your mantel! I'm sure it will be full of wonderful and inspirational goodies!
    Have a great (last) day of school! Chat with you soon!
    ps. Also looking forward to your giveaway - super exciting!

  2. Welcome back! Great pictures of the turtle. Looking forward to the cottage makeover pics.

  3. Hey Claire! Great nature pics. What an unspoilt area. Looking forward to the before and after pics - and the Mantel!

  4. That looks like a nice place to go and relax. Your newest Follower.

    Lisa @ Creative Raisins


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